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Spend more time pinpointing your whats and articulating your whys so you and your team can make better decisions.

Get to Alignment

Tell Better Stories

Lodestone’s Roadmap Storyteller is the only roadmap visualization tool that effortlessly enables product managers to tell great stories with their roadmap presentations.

Lodestone Hierarcical Roadmap Builder
  • Ditch the dates. Say farewell to timelines in your roadmaps, share a narrative that your stakeholders really need: how the things you do today lead to the successes of tomorrow.
  • Connect tactics to strategy. Make it easy for your stakeholders to see how the specific features you've prioritized roll up into broader themes and company goals.
  • Tell your best story, your way. Build your roadmap and then use the export tool to automatically create beautiful slides that transition in sequence, easily moving from section to section.

Achieve greater stakeholder alignment and sooner by ensuring all needs are identified and represented and strategic context is evident in each decision.

Remix & Share

Run live workshops with your PM team and easily create multiple views of your roadmap to show distribution of effort across teams, initiatives or whatever your stakeholders need.

Smash Through Writer's Block

Lodestone's AI Guides were created by PMs to reinforce strong product management fundamentals across discovery and delivery so you can move fast and make the right things.

Opportunity Canvases

Always have full context for every initiative under consideration.

Better decisions, with more information, reduce the risk of failure. Comprehensive canvases provide your stakeholders unique insight and context into each item on the roadmap.

User Stories

Give yourself time for nuance by kickstarting delivery.

Engaging engineering early increases success. Rich user stories give your dev team the best chance of delivering the exact solution for the right problem.

Release Notes (coming soon)

Keep your customers and team informed over your social, email, whatever with ease.

Big releases make a bigger impact when your customers know about them. Simply pick what style of communication you need and get a draft in a few seconds.

Comprehensive Discovery. Successful Delivery.

Lodestone helps you figure out the right thing, identify the right customer, and produce at the right time.

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Lodestone helps you meet your own high expectations.

    • I've implemented this strategy for the past 3 quarters. It has simplified the process of communicating timelines, deliverables, and reasoning behind product decisions.

      Lauren P.
      CPO, BioBox Analytics
    • We were struggling with understanding trade offs, scope implications and getting team buy in. This method not only helped that, but also ended up with a clear vision you can't lose sight of.

      Steven L.
      Business Lead,
    • The sunburst roadmap does a good job of connecting the dots and makes communication easier.

      Mehrad M.
      Director of Product,
    • It was ridiculously easy. I ended up using the tool for quick experimentation on how to best lay out the components to tell the best story. An hours-long process was done in a handful of minutes.

      Darlene S.
      Product Strategy, Shoppers Drug Mart
    • A sunburst roadmap is easy to read and helped us in making decisions on prioritization and trade offs.

      Muneera Q.
      VP of Product Management, EZRA Coaching
    • Our teams can see how their products fit into the overall vision and mission of the organization. Our executives can see that our focus is on providing value to our clients in a single snapshot.

      Mo Q.
      Director of Product, Success Finder
    • Use this tool! Having a clear understandable roadmap is key in a product manager's role and if you are struggling, this is the tool that will make your day-to-day tasks and company better.

      Faizan A.
      Product Manager, Prognos Health
    • Our quarterly roadmap went from an artifact that collected dust after it was presented to an item that is referenced frequently by our customers and customer facing teams.

      Jordan P.
      Product Manager, Push Operations
    • Using the sunburst roadmap has enabled all stakeholders to connect the dots between the big picture strategy and execution.

      Hasan N.
      Head of Product, Bloom Finance

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About Us

Product Management is hard.

Really hard. Any organization, in its pursuit of growth and success, is faced with a myriad of options in terms opportunities to pursue. As a product manager, you've been asked to figure out what opportunities to pursue and why those particular opportunities are more worthwhile to pursue than the alternatives. To do this well, you need to uncover the right thing, for the right customer, at the right time. The most successful product teams have been able to get really good at discovering the right problem and then delivering the right solution.

Being a product manager, you appreciate more than most that there is always more to do than there is time available to do it. As a result, you are forced to prioritize which activities and tasks you are spending your time doing. You're then finding yourself making decisions on imperfect information, on imperfect data. Without full information and understanding, you find yourself unsure of the actions you're taking, lost amidst the numerous paths in front of you, and with little to no conviction behind your choices you're making.

Confidence. Direction. Purpose. You need these.

Lodestone is a different kind of product management company. We are focused on providing solutions for product managers that help them make better decisions on their whats and the articulations of their whys. We do this by providing a suite of tools that drastically reduce the amount of time product managers spend on manual work and preparation.

Lodestone's building the missing PM toolbelt that spans the full spectrum of activities that product managers need to conduct in order to be successful. All of these tools will save you time and allow you to get to your decisions faster and with more information and context than ever before. With Lodestone you can:

  • Find your way to comprehensive Discovery
  • Find your way to successful Delivery
  • Find your way to figuring out the Right Thing
  • Find your way to identifying the Right Customer
  • Find your way to producing at the Right Time

Lodestone — find your way.


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    • What's included in the free trial?

      All features are fully enabled during your free trial so you can kick the tires to your heart's content.

    • Do I have to enter a credit card to start my trial?

      Nope, just register an account and get to work!

    • How do I manage my subscription?

      You can renew or cancel your subscription at any time from your account page.

    • What's a hierarchical roadmap?

      Lodestone roadmaps build context from the inside-out so concepts are systematically covered in logical sequence. This improves stakeholder collaboration and buy-in because it leads to stronger presentations with better story narration.

    • How does Lodestone use AI?

      Our AI guide features kickstart writing for your product management documents with best practices built-in.

    • Can I request a feature?

      Send us an email and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and what's currently on our roadmap.